Platform/Day Job/Support Focus

Development on the guts of finally moving into home stretch but have get to some things in place for its delivery. was brought back on-line but the snapshot telematics db never will be, it mainly serves for a few story posters and examples of d7 module building.

By Day Job I mean work for myself, not an employer or client other than myself or society at large.

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Public instance of SPLEG taken off-line, the video effort absorbed into other stuff but the poster wiki page will remain. Still a 1 man band so have to reduce balls in air.

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Everything will fall under the aegis of SPLEG unless it’s not really a thing (e.g. the graphical CGI counters which I just fixed) for the next period.

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Ft x

New applicative name style since Facebook disallows the angle brackets now and I had two, Facetime and Ft . Now only one.

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F<X> Status

Nothing done with this to this point due to other work. Probably will pick it up in a bit.

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Ft5 Update

Looks like video.js and possibly some other free stuff can handle this, at least to my satisfaction on my 3G and G1.

So Ft then, becomes just a fw and the staged app as a whiteboard to be switchable with the other objects currently variously rendered in different places and with like generalization, i.e. on the chat channel or video stream. The biz card and the (other) whiteboard objects will cover it and the fully deployed biz card should be doable in about 10 days.

Don’t see why anything other than chat and the already seen video steaming and the ability to prepare the interactive video version of the biz need be on the phones, in particular the wb needn’t. Was wanting to use videojs but it doesn’t look it works on the G1. Think it should but flexible if no other does as well. It’s about same age as the 3g though and it’s the only data point ATM. In any case need to see stuff work on actual Android phone and actual iPhone and the oldest of both is fine for a while longer.

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By this I mean the HTML5 portion of Ft WB that will run on Android and iOS. Posted first Market app and apparently $0.99 is the minimum and can’t make a free app later a paid one. Prolly similar on iOS and will find out next week when I start the store submission though possible at this point would need to be jb app and I only have a jb’ed 3G.

This would tie a great many loose ends. At a minimum it will be able to carry a chat channel and log in to the dom system/dcms described in previous entry. Will investigate video situation, do what can be done this year.

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DCMS (was HaskellAppServer)

Essentially a monadic system based on whatever generic programming package on top of basic ghc libs, e.g. TH to represent the abstracted apps such as DCMS¹. These to be built bottom-up from their discovered domain elements, the domain built up in ghrails, which is what I’m calling the marriage of grails and haskell starting with the integration of the ecore(mod_perl), mediawiki(EG), magento, and the two WordPress instances and using the Ft5 social login.

Text here lost in redaction that provided the audit trail to just use cgi instead of making a choice of the app servers, this WP doesn’t have versioning, but backing up on that to revisit happstack, possibly use both.

¹Domain Content Management System

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Way made for new SWF bookshelf with flippage integrated.

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WP replaces Lisp Relic

(i.e. this replaces it).

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